MVFM Presidents Annual Report 2019

Meander Valley Community Radio

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING (26 th September, 2019)


Ladies and gentlemen,
I have much pleasure in presenting this President’s Report to the AGM of the
community radio station. It’s a report concerned with the station’s operations
during the 2018-19 year, and what a year it has been!

New members were elected to the committee at this time last year and those
new members have made significant contributions to the organisation. Marijke
McGough has been an outstanding secretary; Julie Hansen and Linda Irwin
have also made huge differences to the station in several ways. In addition, our
former president, Mira Kuiperstein and our deputy president, John Kenzey,
received awards from the Meander Valley Council at the Australia Day Awards
Ceremony last January in recognition for their contribution to our community.
Tim Biggs and Nick Weare have continued contributing their very considerable
accounting and technical skills in their professional and effective manner.
Thankyou so much for all your efforts.

During the year, the committee appointed John Kenzey as the Station
Manager, thus acknowledging the tremendous commitment he has shown to
the station. In a few weeks from now, he will be attending the Community
Broadcasting Association of Australia’s Annual Conference in Melbourne on
our behalf.

For me, one of the most exciting aspects of the station’s operations during this
past year has been the involvement of so many local presenters. Fourteen of
them have been presenting for a total of up to 28hours per week bringing our
community a range of music – jazz, reggae, contemporary, novelty, Americana,
stage musicals, world music, eclectic, steampunk and classical music. In
addition, there have been local people talking or being interviewed about local
history, health and other aspects of community life; many people have voiced
advertisements and regular ‘spots’. Local school children have also had input
so that their voices have been heard throughout the Meander Valley. One new
activity which we pursued this year was the hosting of a (recorded and twice-
played) candidates’ forum prior to the local government election.

Our financial situation is in much better shape than it has been for some years
as our treasurer will report in a few moments. Our quest for funding from
government and other sources has borne a good deal of fruit and I thank those
committee members who have taken the trouble to identify possible funding
source, make applications and then do the follow-up work required.

Much development in the studio and equipment areas has taken place and we
will hear more about that from our station manager in a few moments.

Marijke McGough has agreed to continue her excellent work in gaining the
support of local businesses in incentive schemes and competitions.
Membership is an issue which we will need to address continually and
innovative approaches will always be welcomed.

In conclusion, I thank you all for your continuing support and look forward to a
resoundingly successful year to come as we seek to expand our role in our

John Phelps